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The Merriman Residents Enjoy Dinner in Akron

Merriman Akron nursing home

January 31, 2020
Akron, Ohio - The Merriman residents enjoyed dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a celebrate the end of January dinner.

Enjoying steaks, chicken, chops, and comradely, they shared laughs, stories and just in general enjoyed the evening.
We understand the importance of social interaction at The Merriman. Loneliness' and isolation cause many physical and mental issues for the seniors in our communities. It is our job as caretakers and human beings to step in and make their days happier and healthier.
Foundations Health Solutions, which owns The Merriman, operates with "A Culture of Care." As the largest nursing home company in the state of Ohio, it is our mission to care for and make lives better for our patients AND our staff.

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The Merriman Residents Enjoy Dinner in Akron
Texas Roadhouse was delicious!

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