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From L to R: Patricia Peters, Bob Speelman

I spent the day at The Merriman, our 60 bed, 4 Star nursing home and assisted living in Akron, Ohio. I worked alongside a 16 year veteran nursing assistant by the name of Patricia Peters. Patricia is 40 years old and has two sons, one 17 and one 16. Patricia’s face lights up when she talks about her sons. She took care of her grandmother when she got sick and after she passed. At the age of 21, Patricia decided to continue her calling of taking care of people and became an STNA.

Patricia has been at The Merriman for almost a year and a half and her leadership is outstanding. Patricia leads by example, helps her coworkers out anytime they need it, and she answers any and every call light she sees. Patricia is a caregiver at heart. She is there for the residents, and she is there for her team.

Yesterday, on the day I was visiting to work as an STNA, they had an all-staff inservice focused on teamwork. The content was typical stuff that you hear about the importance of working together. As I sat there and listened, nothing that was talked about was wrong or incorrect, but I’d rather see teamwork and not talk about it. I learned more about teamwork that day by working with Patricia, and watching Michelle in Housekeeping, as we grabbed ice water and whatever else they requested. I’d rather SEE a Sermon than HEAR a Sermon any day!

My challenge is to Administrators, Department Heads, Nurses, our Corporate Office staff and anyone else that is in management in our company. If we want to see more teamwork in our facilities, we need to demonstrate it in our own actions. Management by walking around doesn’t mean walking around looking for problems and catching people not doing something right. Management by walking around means rolling up your sleeves, jumping in a helping your team. It means making sure they have everything they need to do their job and give the best care possible. It means getting to know your team personally and caring about them more than just an employee. It means caring about them as a person, as a friend, and as a team member. It means showing appreciation and gratitude to your team.

“Leadership is not a position or title; it is action and example.”

Patricia – Thank you for the leadership and team work that you demonstrated yesterday. Thank you for the love and passion you have for your residents and their care. Thank you for the love and passion you showed for your fellow team members. You truly inspired me.

Bob Speelman, STNA

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